About Tucson Arizona

About Tucson Arizona

The name Tucson originates from O’odham meaning at the base of the black hill. The city of Tucson is the administrative center of the county of Pima in the state of Arizona and is managed by a Council-manager government with Jonathan Rothschild serving as the current mayor.
It has a population of over 500,000 people as per the 2010 USA census while the Tuscon metropolitan area has an estimated population of about 980,000 residents. It is the second largest city in the state after Phoenix and is located 60 miles from the US- Mexican border. The major suburbs of Tucson include Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Marana and South Tucson.

Brief history

It has a long history dating back thousands of years with reported agricultural activities in the area as early as 1200 BC. Those ancient residents practiced hunting and gathering while taking part in irrigated agriculture growing crops like corn and beans. Eusebio Francisco Kino visited the area in the 15th century and founded the historic Catholic mission known as San Xavier del Bac 10 miles south of the city. The city was founded by Hugo O’Connor who authorized construction of a military shelter in the area on August 20, 1775.

Tucson served as the western capital of the Confederate Arizona Territory from 1861 to 1862. With all other parts of Arizona, Tucson was part of New Mexico Territory up to the year 1863, before the formation of the new Arizona Territory. For the 10-year period from 1867 to 1877, it served as the capital city of the Arizona Territory and is the oldest incorporated city in Arizona.

Things to Do in Tucson.

There are a lot of fun things to do and interesting places to visit in Tucson. For instance, for art and history lovers, the Tucson Museum of art and history is the place for you. With different Mexican architecture, structures are devoted to a diverse artistic theme such as contemporary art, west America, and Latin American themes.

For bike fans, Sabina Canyon recreation area with well-maintained trails comes highly recommended. Swimming spots are also available in this area making it popular among both locals and tourists.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which is actually a zoo offers well-maintained walking trails which guarantees visitors an acquaintance with desert life. As you walk along wild animals such as coyotes, prairie dogs, and mountain lions can also be observed. In case of hunger pangs while within the museum you can get something to eat from the four eateries available in the museum.
Generally speaking, Tucson Arizona is an amazing place to live in and to visit.

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